Life insurance, education insurance, protection and savings insurance

Life insurance, education insurance, protection and savings insurance

We help you choose and design a pure protection program to protect you and your family in case of disability, death by natural or accidental death.
These insurance programs help you plan and finalize a fund for your retirement, independent of other mechanisms that you have planned. Know them. In addition some are tax deductible. Excellent tax benefit to increase your assets.

The best way to guarantee the education of your children. Plans designed for them to achieve their studies and you see them done on a professional level. The Program combines protection for disability, death and survival of the insured.

At the end of the chosen period, the beneficiary receive the insured amount, that means, it is guaranteed in any way to have the resources to pay for education expenses. It will be a pleasure for us to advise you and an honor for us too to participate in such an important family project.

These programs have been designed to protect the human capital of a company or organization. Shield your Company.

Invest in the different Portfolios that the Insurance Companies recommend to you. The control of your investment depend of you .

As an additional benefit, in case of death your beneficiaries will receive the investment and an additional sum insured

Protect your company workforce. These programs can be integrated as a Benefit, it gives certainty and tranquility to the employees, they generate roots and permanence of these in their jobs and avoid the constant turnover of personnel by the search for better benefits in other organizations.

It can be hired from 10 insured holders.

We will gladly advise you in providing an option according to the needs of your company.

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