business insurance and miscellaneous damages

Business insurance and miscellaneous damages

Adequately protect your Company by covering the Property and Contents such as machinery, furniture, stocks and inventories, as well as the civil liability implications derived from the business activity.

Like Business Insurance, this insurance is designed for Small and Medium Businesses, with coverage adjustable to your needs.

  • Ordinary Traffic RisksCoverage to compensate the damages that the goods or merchandise can suffer during their transfer by air, sea or land.
  • BoatsAppropriate insurance to protect yachts, sailboats or boats for commercial use.
  • Planes
  • Heavy equipmentWe protect the machinery used for construction and civil works.
Engineering Insurance

Protect your assets during the construction process.

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  • General
  • Professional
  • By Activity

We advise and protect against damage caused to third parties in their person and property.

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